Pot beliied pig spay < 25lbs

This is prepayment for surgery on a female pot bellied pig less than 25lbs.  It also serves as a reservation.  The price includes surgery, anesthesia and tetanus shot.  Pigs are at a very high risk for hernias after surgery.  It is imperative that you limit activity for at least one week following surgery.

Please bring your pig in a crate or on a leash.  Crates must be less than 20 inches in width to fit through the vehicle door.

Although it is not required for surgery, if your pig is to be housed outdoors, Rabies vaccination is highly recommended.  The rabies vaccine is OFF label, which means this vaccine has not been specifically tested for pot bellied pigs.  It is a generally accepted practice in veterinary medicine to use products off label if a specifically labelled product is not available and deemed necessary to the animal.  This is the case for this vaccine.  The cost of Pig rabies is $15.00.

Please check the calendar for the correct date that corresponds to location you desire. 

Any changes or cancellations must be done by email to info@mybudgetvet.com at least 48 hours prior to reservation date.


If you have a pig greater than 25lbs that you would like spayed, you must email info@mybudgetvet.com to make special arrangements.  The receptionist does not have the ability to make these special reservations, so don't even ask her!!!!

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Pot beliied pig spay < 25lbs

Price: $125.00
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