Heartworm prevention 6 month supply 25lbs and under

We only carry one type of heartworm prevention on the vehicle, but may at times, change brand names.  The type of prevention we carry on the truck will be ivermectin based with the addition of pyrantel pamoate for control of hookworms and roundworms.  The brand names may include: Heartgard, Iverheart, Triheart.  We do not guarantee which brand is on the truck.  We aggressively price shop all heartworm preventatives to get the best price for our clients.  All of the brands that we offer are highly effective in prevention of heartworms and control of hookworms and roundworms.  We offer these as an affordable alternative to popular brand names.

In order to purchase this product, your dog must have been seen by the doctor and be tested for heartworms prior to prescription being filled.  The only exception is puppies under 7 months of age, as their heartworm tests will not be positive  even if they are infected.    We recommend that your dog be tested every 2 years, EVEN IF KEPT ON PREVENTION RELIGIOUSLY.....NO MEDICAITON IS 100% EFFECTIVE!!!

****All brands of heartworm prevention and flea medication are available on our online pharmacy at Vets First Choice.  There is a link on our website under pharmacy.  We cannot fill any prescriptions online without first seeing the patient!!***

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Heartworm prevention 6 month supply 25lbs and under

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