Canine Castration 76-90lbs

This is prepayment for surgery on a male dog between 76 and 90lbs.  All pets are weighed the day of surgery.  If your pet's weight does not fall into the range you prepaid for, your charges will be adjusted accordingly.  If your dog is over 90lbs at the time of surgery, you may be asked to reschedule if we do not believe we can comfortably accomodate him for surgery on the vehicle.  You may be required to make special arrangements.

All dogs 12 weeks of age and older must present written proof of current rabies vaccination. Tags are not accepted as proof.  Failure to provide written proof will result in your dog being vaccinated at a cost of $12.00


Please be sure to check the calendar first for the correct date for the location you desire.



Any cancellations or changes must be done by email to, at least 48 hours in advance of the date of reservation.  


  • Item #: cc76-90

Canine Castration 76-90lbs

Price: $90.00
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